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Welcome to spooks_creative, a challenge community for Spooks (known as MI5 in the States), shamelessly inspired by the many, many other challenge communities out there. Yours truly, perverseparagon, shall be your host and moderator for the duration of your stay here. The challenges are run on a fortnightly basis in the hopes of inspiring a little creativity out there in the Spooks fandom. Consisting of a theme, members of the community can respond to the challenges however they wish, be it anything from a drabble to an icon, a novella to a haiku. Remember new challenges will be posted every two weeks on a Sunday evening. You don't have to respond to everyone and you can respond to each as many times are you like. It really could be anything! The whole point is to get those muses going and spur a little fun on.

Please read the various rules before diving in at the deep end.

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1. You must be a member of the community to enter.
2. You must include the challenge in the title as well as the number of your response. i.e. Challenge #1; Rain – Response #3 The response number is in case you wish to post two (or more!) fics for one particular challenge.
3. Any icons must meet the LJ requirements - 100x100 pixels and 40kb in size.
3. You MUST include spoiler warnings wherever necessary – remember not everyone has seen everything yet.
4. Have fun! This community is here to inspire people, so let your imagination run riot.
5. DO NOT enter old icons, fics or drabbles etc. that you think will fit the fortnight's challenge - that's not what we're about!
6. Entered icons and/or drabbles must be wholly original - this includes the cropping of icons, please do not use other people's bases.

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