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hi everyone, i've been lurking for a while, mainly on spooky_doings, but just had to join when i read the challenge. The following sort of sprang into my head, almost fully written, so i thought I'd post it. Bit nervous about posting, so be nice if you comment :-) although being nice does not necessarily mean not negative. Hope you enjoy...

Title: Challenge #1, First Times, Response #1 - Trust Adam
Summary: Fiona contemplates some of Harry’s words
Disclaimer: Spooks, Kudos etc isn’t mine. I wish it were, but it’s not. Although if it can’t be mine, I’m glad somebody thought of the idea. And yes, I am sucking up to them here, but at least I won’t be getting sued!
Spoilers: None, I think. Not set anywhere in particular, although for the sake of argument, lets place it, oooh, between 3.10 and 4.01


Comments welcome and appreciated – this is the first spooks fic of any sort (drabble, ficlet, fic...) I’ve written and as I have only seen season four, not sure if I make them canon enough. Beta’d, but only by a friend who is not a worshipper of the series, so not sure if that counts as more of proof reading




‘Trust Adam’


Two words, one phrase, dropped casually into her last conversation with Harry, and Fiona’s whole world was turned upside-down.


At the time, she was focusing on trying to listen to and process two conversations at once (one through a headset, the other from Harry standing over her shoulder), and had just made a vague sound of acknowledgement before returning her focus to the agent trying desperately to tell her about his latest information.


Now though, alone at home except for Wes, who was currently sound asleep upstairs, Harry’s voice kept spinning around in her head.


She sighed, and giving up on the legend she was supposed to be writing, put the laptop down on the floor and curled up into one corner of the sofa.


‘Trust Adam’


The very idea of it sounded so simple, so easy – to place her faith in the one man who had always been there for her; the one man she loved – and yet she found herself repulsed by the thought.


How could Harry make it sound like such a sensible, obvious and necessary step, he didn’t know the first thing about her and her relationship with Adam. Adam probably already thought that she trusted him, there was no reason for him to suspect otherwise. But still, she had held back for all these years, never trusting anyone, always expecting to be let down, relying on nobody but herself.


Trust got you killed. Trust only lead to more pain. Trust would mess with your mind eventually. All of her instincts screamed at her that past experience had taught her that. All of her instincts but one. Her heart disagreed.


So, maybe it was time to let go and time to listen to her heart, she reasoned.


‘Trust Adam’


She took a deep breath, and slowly let it out again.


There was a first time for everything.

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