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Challenge #4

Nearly a year since anyone posted here. That's kinda sad and more than a little depressing. So, I'm going to post a challenge. In fact I'm going to post a couple of prompts and see if people don't get inspired. See if we can't pump a little life back into this community and get the creative fires burning.

Responses to any/all of the prompts should follow the usual posting etiquette. Meaning you should use a cut to conceal the bulk of your post. Also, please include which prompt you're responding to in the blurb for your fic/icons/graphics etc. It just means it'll make life easier for me to archive them. If people could use the appropriate tags when they post responses too, that would be grand.

For this challenge there will be no time limit for responding to the prompts. I'll simply add more prompts in a couple of weeks time and people can respond to those if they feel inspired. How does that sound? Okay, here we go:

Challenge #4

Remember, you can respond to any or all of the prompts if you want. Just post each response to each prompt in a separate post. You can respond with icons or fiction or any other form of creativity. Please include spoiler warnings though and keep everything hidden behind cuts – especially with season six about to start!
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