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Fic (so late) in response to the 'patience' challenge

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Summary: Wes hasn’t had a nanny for five months and it’s almost the summer holidays
Notes: this is not the fic I wrote for this challenge. The fic I wrote for this challenge is Ruth gen that just would not fit itself to any decent kind of ending, so this popped into my head instead. Unbeta’d. No title.


Kate The Nanny leaves just after Christmas, and Mummy gets cross and tells Daddy that if they’re never here, somebody should be, and what are they going to do now? That’s where Kate The Childminder comes in, and Wes goes to her house after school, until someone turns up to collect him, and Daddy tells Mummy not to worry, he’ll sort it.


Mummy leaves in the spring.


Wes has had five nannies in all. None of them have stuck. He doesn’t remember Lucia, because she left when he was three to have her own baby. He remembers Helen mainly as a blur of red hair and what Mummy called (with a sigh) ‘an unstable temper’.

Gina was his favourite, because she could bake and ride horses, and none of the others could, but she only stayed for a year before she moved back home to Australia. She still sends him postcards from Sydney, and he sends her postcards when Daddy takes him up to London.

After Gina there was Maureen, and she was his least favourite because she was strict and she shouted a lot, and didn’t let him have sweets. Dad called her a dragon, and they got rid of her soon enough. The last one was Kate The Nanny. Now if he’s not at school he stays with Kate The Childminder until Daddy gets home from work. Kate The Childminder has a house full of toys and games and paints and crayons, but Wes doesn’t really care about that.

He hasn’t had a nanny for five months and it’s the summer holidays soon.

Daddy keeps saying he’s going to find a new nanny, soon as possible, honest, and Wes just pretends it’s okay, that he likes going to Kate The Childminder’s stupid big noisy house, because Wes listens and looks and he knows Daddy has a lot to do at the moment. He’s been trying hard to be patient, but soon it’ll be summer, and there won’t be any school, and if he doesn’t have a nanny, he’ll probably be sent down to his grandparents for the whole time and he’ll hardly get to see Daddy at all. At least if he has a nanny he’ll be here when Daddy gets home from work.


Daddy does find a new nanny. Her name is Sophie Jenkins. He finds her in the baking aisle of Tesco. He finds her a week before Wes breaks up for the holidays. Daddy just hugs him and smiles at him and says

“All things come to those who wait.”

Wes wants to be like Mummy, he wants to sigh and roll his eyes, but he just smiles back and says “Daddy, what were you doing in the baking aisle?”
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